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6'10" Tall Portable Room Divider Partition 360 in Translucent Poly-carbonate
6'10" Tall Portable Room Divider Partition 360 in Translucent Poly-carbonate

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The Room Divider 360 is our most popular partition, and with good reason. Featuring our patented 360° rotating hinges, this portable divider will provide more arrangement versatility, easier use, and greater durability than other room divider on the market.

Our 360° hinge permits arrangement options not found on competitor's room dividers, which often use inflexible piano hinges that require plastic locks to maintain a straight line. The Room Divider 360 hinge allows each panel to rotate a full 360 degrees, providing unparalleled flexibility. Create a variety of shapes, from "L" edges to circular "C" shapes, or even perfectly straight lines. Versare's Room Divider 360 is quickly becoming the industry standard for creating impromptu office workstations or classroom areas due to its infinite arrangement possibilities.

The lightweight aluminum frame and low-profile casters provide enhanced sturdiness and durability compared to heavy steel dividers on the market. Each end of the Room Divider 360 uses full-sized panels which stay at a fixed 90° for added stability. Unlike awkward railings featured on other brands' room dividers, these end stabilizers eliminate tripping hazards and increase both the sturdiness and attractiveness of the partition. Rubber locks underneath the unit can secure the collapsed panels during transport. The low-profile casters provide increased stability than wobbly, spring-based casters found on rival dividers.

Choose from various panel options, such as a noise-dampening acoustical fabric for displaying pushpin signage, artwork, or other documents. This option allows our room dividers to double as portable art walls for classrooms or exhibitions. Polycarbonate plastic panel options offer less noise control but are super stylish and spray-cleanable. Each polycarbonate color provides a different level of translucence, so light can still permeate your setup without sacrificing privacy. Our partition panels are also available in several shades of elegant, cleanable, woodgrain laminate