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Functional Asian/Urban style lamps.  Shoji rice paper design with natural woods, bamboo and fibers.  Some lamps are decorative and cast just enough light to set the mood.  Different colors and bulb wattage.  Also browse our end table lamps.  It's an end table that lights up.
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11" Shika Japanese Square Rattan Lantern Handmade LED flameless Electric Candle Custom Photo Personalized & Text Watashi Japanese Table Lamp - Light
15" Zen Modern Decorative Lamp Kamakura Asian/Urban Bamboo Table Lamp Watashi Japanese Table Lamp - Dark
13" Japanese Kanji Shoji Lantern Washitsu Japanese Table Lamp - Black 13" Shinjuku Japanese Shoji Lantern - Black
Himalayan Salt Lamp - Pyramid 39" Koru Asian/Urban Bamboo Shoji Lantern 19" Hokkaido End Table Shoji Lamp
19" Hokkaido Bamboo Matchstick Table Lamp 39" Kamakura Asian/Urban Bamboo Shoji Lantern 12.5" Shoji Window Pane Hanging Lantern
45" Window Pane Urban Shoji Lamp 59" Koru Asian Urban Bamboo Floor Lamp 27" Tall Hokkaido End Table Shoji Lamp
63" Kamakura Urban Asian Bamboo Floor Lamp Black Harajuku Hanging Lantern Natural Wood Finish Harajuku Hanging Lantern
Asian/Oriental 26" Blue Landscape Porcelain Lamp 19" Hokkaido Lamp with Drawer 62" Mosko Urban Floor Lamp
62" Mosko Urban Floor Lamp
Our Price: $208.95
Asian/Oriental 24.5" Blue & White Porcelain Round Vase Lamp Asian/Oriental White Blossoms Porcelain Lamp Asian/Oriental 25" Blue & White Cherry Blossom Porcelain Lamp
Asian/Oriental 22" Birds and Flowers Porcelain Jar Lamp Asian/Oriental 23" Classic Temple Jar Lamp Asian/Oriental 29" Victorian Porcelain Vase Lamp
Watashi Hanging Japanese Lantern Asian/Oriental 27" Flowers on Pale Gold Porcelain Vase Lamp Asian/Oriental 25" Peacock on Branch Porcelain Jar Lamp
Asian/Oriental Carinated Ivory Vase Lamp Asian/Oriental 32" Harvest Season Porcelain Lamp Asian/Oriental 30" Glazed Sakura Blossom Porcelain Vase Lamp
Asian/Oriental  29" Blue and White Chinese Landscape Lamp Asian/Oriental 27.5" Birds and Flowers Wooden Design Porcelain Lamp Asian/Oriental 27" Fruitful Harvest Porcelain Lamp
Bamboo Shinto Lantern Stand Rattan/Shoji Coffee Table Lamp Bamboo Lantern Room Divider with Roof- 4ft Tall