Store in Manhattan or NYC That Sells Room Divider Screens Coming Soon!
Finally a store where you can see and feel our room divider folding screens

Urban Accents NY is a online shopping website for room dividers and specialty art print folding screens. The site also features small scale urban style furniture and accents. Room dividers are very useful, especially in the city where living spaces tend to be much smaller. A room divider is able to transform a room into a multifunctional living space.

We also have added other furniture categories to our website such lounge chairs/accent chairs, dining furniture and tables that are modern in design and for people that have an appreciation for urban life even if you live in a rural area. These inexpensive accent and furniture pieces are unique, cool and do not look to overwhelming in smaller spaces.

Benjamin, the founder of Urban Accents NY had worked in many furniture stores throughout New York City as a salesman for almost ten years. In his years of furniture selling experience he noticed what customers in populated urban areas were looking for which many local stores didn't provide. These people were looking for small scale apartment furniture which was not commonly available in brick and mortar stores.

While Benjamin was working as a salesman in many furniture stores, he noticed that there was a big demand for room divider screens. The only screens that stores carried was the common window pane design rice paper shoji screen. There was no real selection. He thought of an idea of offering a large poster mural but instead of displaying it on a wall, to display it on a room divider screen. Benjamin, made contact with a direct importer of these screens. A large printing press in China was able to produce thousands of these screens at reasonable cost in order to pass the saving down to the customer. You will not find art and photography to this scale in size priced this low. If one were to make a duplicate custom image domestically, it would cost almost three times the price of a screen on our site.

Check out how our room dividers are being used in our customer photo album on pinterest

(Printing factory in China)

Little by little more unique accents will be added to this site. We do not have an actual showroom yet but we are working towards making this niche shopping site an actual brick and mortar store in the near future.

*Please Note* We do not stock screens at this location. All orders must be placed online or by phone. We are strictly an online store

Questions? email or call us [email protected]

Free US Ground Shipping All of the products on our site include FREE ground shipping within the continental United States.

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