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Urban Accents NY introduces our new category of "Made In America" room dividers.  These room dividers are not mass produced overseas as most of the screens on this site are.  Made to order by skilled designers and craftsmen, not big corporations.  When you purchase a "Made in America" screen, you are helping the "mom and pop" businesses to sustain a living rather than supporting big box stores that put the small guy out of business.  This is the first American made room divider screen being featured on this site.  Little by little, more and more independent craftsmen throughout the United States will be featuring their products on this site.  When you buy made in America, you are not just supporting the domestic economy, you are also buying quality.
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Reusable Washable Premium Cotton Mask Grey Stars (3 Pack) Reusable Washable Premium Cotton Mask Blue Stars (3 Pack) Room Divider Replacement Hinges (set of 4) K N95 Face Masks (10 masks)
Pair of Room Divider Base Stabilizer Stand Free Standing Portable Panel Divider Partition Portable Wall Partition on Wheels Countertop Transparent Shield Virus Protection
Work Station Privacy Partition Panel (3 Sizes & More Colors) Countertop Panel Virus Protection 2'FT or 3'FT Tall Table Top Display Folding Screen Partition (more colors available) Fabric Privacy Room Divider Screen
Portable Folding Wall Divider Partition on Wheels Medi Wall Folding Privacy Partition Virus Protection Portable Folding Wall Partition on Wheels 4Ft Tall Portable Room Divider Partition on Wheels